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You are dealing with a diverse public and workforce: multiple generations, cultures, languages and expectations.  Excellent service is the benchmark today; getting that service out of your team on a regular basis is the goal.  Identifying where you are succeeding and where there are opportunities for improvement is the big first step to raising your operating standards.  Given the increasing competition for the customers' dollar, the stakes have never been higher.  And you'd better believe that your competitors already have their own customer journey maps.

More than ever It is no longer just a matter of ticking off ten questions; to accurately measure how a business is serving its customers; these audits will have you measuring what really matters.  Your Mystery Shoppers will be primed with questions designed to provide exactly the feedback you are looking for,.

Training your team to provide the WOW experience is what creates the connection and then conducting Mystery Shopping to ensure the front-line team are putting the training into practice every day with every interaction and the management team are cohesive and working toward the common goals is the key to business success and growth.


Mingara have used OOPS since 2003, and we believe that it is an invaluable tool that assists us in garnishing unique insights into our customer’s experience when they are onsite.

 We develop our reports –in conjunction with Michelle- and deliberately target areas to monitor so that we are able to benchmark our performance. We then use this information to help with staff training plans, product enhancement, development and importantly to address any blind spots.

OOPs also gives us the opportunity to identify staff who are performing well and then recognise them for their efforts.

We have also taken the opportunity to get Michelle to present our reports to our team, Michelle’s delivery style is unique and insightful, and if there are areas of concern, generally talks with her staff member so that we can get as much information as possible.

 I believe that OOPs is an invaluable tool, ensuring that we see and experience what our customers see and experience. 

D Pinkstone – G.M. Mingara

After hearing Michelle present it prompted us to sign up for her mystery shopper service. This has helped to analyse our business objectively and identify areas where we have excelled and those where there is room for improvement.

This service, as well as Michelle’s key messages in her presentations, have helped to ensure our business is focused on customer service 100% of the time. We have seen a definite improvement in our standards of customer service across all aspects of the business and with all employees. It has helped us to have a much greater understanding of our clients wants and needs and we are continually striving to improve and deliver above and beyond our clients expectations. Without the regular feedback from Michelle and her mystery shoppers we would not be able to do this objectively and to the required level to exceed expectations.

 B Jakeman - Physiotherapy

Michelle brought a lot of experience to the floor with her company OOPS in providing Mystery Shopping Reports for Kennards Self Storage for over a decade.  OOPS undertook mystery shopping both in person with onsite visits, telephone enquiries and online enquires to all our sites in Australia and New Zealand.

Kennards Self Storage



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