Hi my name is Michelle Pascoe and in 1994 I began my training business from my kitchen table.  It was only a short while later when I realised I needed to measure the training outcomes of my clients teams. 

Every business owner starts off with such good intentions to share their vision, goals and values with every team member on how they need to interact with the customer whether it be face to face, over the phone or online.  However, time gets away, we all get busy and then individuals in the team become inconsistent with their service delivery. 

There will be those with a great positive attitude, who love to chat, ask questions, finding out what the customer is looking for and then providing them with a solution and then there are others who merely take payment and call out "next".  

I needed a way to measure the service operations of my clients business and so I developed my own proprietary software OARS that looks at every aspect of my clients business; service, image, marketing and compliance. 

Over the past two decades my company Optimum Operating Procedures and Services (better known as OOPS) has grown into a large and well respected Mystery Shopping provider in Australia employing a large team of mystery shoppers who are proud to report on their onsite visits, purchases, interactions, use of facilities that assist the organisations owners and management to create a memorable customer experience journey for all the right reasons.  Identifying the shining lights in the business who provided excellent customer service, opportunities for training, where resources are needed and the functionality of operational systems and processes.

I have created over 4,000 questions and submitted over 30,000 reports to my clients covering 76 industries and now I want to share my expertise with you so you can do your own Mystery Shopping without all the headaches of creating questions.

Why Mystery Shopping Audits D.I.Y. is perfect for you?

You are no longer wasting money asking your friends or family to check on your team when you're not there who are subjective in their answering and really don't know what to look for.  You can still send your friends and family in to do the mystery shop but this time they will have set questions to answer that will provide you data and information that is specific for your needs as a business owner and manager to grow your business.

You've worked hard to create your online or bricks and mortar business now let me help you with these audits to assess and measure your business at a fraction of the price.  Once you have downloaded the audit it is yours and you can use it as many times as you like.  

These are international Mystery Shopping Audits.  No matter where you are you can download them and use them straight a way.

Customer service is my passion and helping you to achieve success in your business is why I am sharing with you my 26+ years of business knowledge in research that is meaningful and real time.

Take care


P.S.  You don't have to get your mystery shoppers to wear a trench coat with an upturned collar and sunglasses but you do want them to be treated as a "normal" customer so that's why mystery shopping whether online, over the phone or face to face provides you the feedback that you need to be a successful business.